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  Wednesday, Nov 26 Thursday, Nov 27 Friday, Nov 28
Morning Registration & Opening
Wayfinding & Navigation I
Positioning I
Crowdsourcing & VGI
Visualization & Navigation
Service-Oriented Mapping
Afternoon Wayfinding & Navigation II
LBS Applications
Data Processing & Analysis
Usability, Privacy, Social Aspects & LBS Development
Positioning II
Closing & Farewell drinks
Evening Icebreaker Dinner  

This is the final program, but smaller changes are still possible!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Registration opens


Conference opening: Vice Rector Adalbert Prechtl, Georg Gartner, Chris Rizos, Volker Schwieger, Jochen Schiewe, Markus Jobst, and Haosheng Huang


Keynote by Prof. Liqiu Meng (Technische Universität München): The Role of LBS and Visualization in Digital Mobility

Coffee Break

11:00–12:15 – 15 minutes slots (Chair: Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich)

Wayfinding and Navigation I

Jukka M. Krisp, Mathias Jahnke, Hao Lyu and Florian Fackler
Visualization and Communication of Indoor Routing Information Presentation

Rui Li, Amichi Korda, Maurin Radtke and Angela Schwering
Visualizing Distant Off-screen Landmarks on Mobile Devices to Support Spatial Orientation

Dirk Wenig, Stefan Brending, Nina Runge and Rainer Malaka
Using Split Screens to Combine Maps and Images for Pedestrian Navigation Presentation

Ann Vanclooster, Nico Van de Weghe, Veerle Fack and Philippe De Maeyer
Comparing Indoor and Outdoor Network Models for Automatically Calculating Turns Presentation

Hao Lyu, Zhonghai Yu, Liqiu Meng
A Computational Method for Indoor Landmark Extraction Presentation

Lunch Break

13:45–14:55 – 10 and 15 minutes slots (Chair: Karl Rehrl, Salzburg Research)

Wayfinding and Navigation II

Anita Graser, Markus Straub, Melitta Dragaschnig 15 minutes
Is OSM Good Enough for Vehicle Routing? A Study Comparing Street Networks in Vienna Presentation

Carolin von Groote-Bidlingmaier, David Jonietz and Sabine Timpf 15 minutes
Calculating Route Probability from Uncertain Origins to a Destination Presentation

Jukka Krisp, Andreas Keler and Nicole Karrais 10 minutes
Personalized Routing for Car Navigation Systems Presentation

Lucia Tyrallová, Carolin Kucharczyk, Lasse Scheele and Hartmut Asche 10 minutes
Towards a Dedicated Data Model for Seamless Pedestrian Navigation Presentation

Antigoni Makri and Edward Verbree 10 minutes
Indoor Signposting and Wayfinding through an Adaptation of the Dutch Cyclist Junction Network System Presentation

Nimalika Fernando, David A. McMeekin and Iain Murray 10 minutes
Context-aware Navigation Model Supporting Way-finding for Vision Impaired People in Indoor Environments Presentation

Coffee Break

15:30–17:05 – 10 and 15 minutes slots (Chair: Jukka M. Krisp, University of Augsburg)

LBS Applications

Adrian Corneliu Prelipcean, Falko Schmid and Takeshi Shirabe 15 minutes
A Space Time Alarm Presentation

Peter Kiefer, Martin Raubal, Tabea Probst and Hansruedi Bär 10 minutes
Linear Location-Based Services

Matthias Drilling, Stella Gatziu-Grivas, Timo Huber, Ruth Röhm, Hans-Jörg Stark, Holger Wache and Robert Wüest 10 minutes
SmartLiving – LBS and Social Media for Comprehensive Democratic Positions in Urban Development Presentation

Yi Li, Junhua Wang and Lanfang Zhang 10 minutes
LBS-based Dilemma Zone Warning System at Signalized Intersection Presentation

Hangbin Wu, Chun Liu, Junhua Wang, Lianbi Yao, Shuhang Zhang, Yi Li, Zhengning Li, Cheng Liu and Shouen Fang 10 minutes
ATSSS: An Active Traffic Safety Service System in Pudong New District, Shanghai, China Presentation

Thomas Liebig 10 minutes
Speed-Up Heuristics for the Traffic Flow Estimation with Gaussian Process Regression Presentation

Mohd Shoab, Kamal Jain and Mesapam Shashi 10 minutes
Location Based Asset Management Application for Railway: AMS-R Presentation

Gregor Zahrer, Clemens Strauß, Gernot Hollinger and Florian Schöggl 10 minutes
Reverse Service Area Analysis of Styrian Hospitals based on OpenStreetMap Data Presentation

Sirpi Manohar 10 minutes
Mobile Geo-marketing Solutions at WIGeoGIS Presentation

Icebreaking Event (Sponsored by WIGeoGIS)

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Keynote by Prof. Chris Rizos (University of New South Wales): LBS and ITS: Some Challenges and Opportunities for the Fields of Precise Positioning and Geodesy

09:30–10:30 – 15 minutes slots (Chair: Volker Schwieger, University of Stuttgart)

Positioning I

Yuntian Brian Bai, Suqin Wu, Guenther Retscher, Allison Kealy, Lucas Holden, Martin Tomko, Aekarin Borriak, Bin Hu, Mark Sanderson, Hong Ren Wu and Kefei Zhang
A New Method for Improving Wi-Fi Based In-door Positioning Accuracy Presentation

Khuong An Nguyen, Zhiyuan Luo and Chris Watkins
On The Feasibility of Using Two Mobile Phones and WLAN Signal to Detect Co-Location of Two Users for Epidemic Prediction Presentation

Xiujuan Li, Yan Zhou and Hanjiang Xiong
3D Indoor Location on Mobile Phones Using Embedded Sensors and Close-range Photogrammetry Presentation

Enrico Köppe, Daniel Augustin, Tabea Wilk, Andreas Subaric-Leitis, Achim Liers, Jochen Schiller
Application of the Inertial Navigation System 3D-Self-Calibration-Method for the Minimization of the Measurement Uncertainty Presentation

Coffee Break

11:00–12:30 – 10 and 15 minutes slots (Chair: Stefan van der Spek, Delft University of Technology)

Crowdsourcing and VGI

Simon Gröchenig, Richard Brunauer and Karl Rehrl 15 minutes
Digging into the History of VGI Datasets: Results from a Worldwide Study on OpenStreetMap Mapping Activity Presentation

Wangshu Wang 15 minutes
Using Location-Based Social Media for Ranking Individual Familiarity with Places: A Case Study with Foursquare Check-in Data Presentation

Farid Karimipour and Omid Azari 15 minutes
Citizens as Expert Sensors: One Step Up on the VGI Ladder Presentation

Bernd Resch, Anja Summa, Günther Sagl, Peter Zeile and Jan-Philipp Exner 15 minutes
Urban Emotions – Geo-semantic Emotion Extraction from Technical Sensors, Human Sensors and Crowdsourced Data Presentation

Federico Prandi, Marco Soave, Federico Devigili, Raffaele De Amicis and Alkis Astyakopoulos 10 minutes
Collaboratively Collected Geodata to Support Routing Service for Disabled People Presentation

Peter Mastnak, Gregor Zahrer and Clemens Strauß 10 minutes
A Localized Avalanche Risk Assessment Strategy Assisted by On-Site User-Generated Data Presentation

Günther Sagl, Bernd Resch, Anja Summa, Christoph Mayer, Sen Sun and Maria Minji Lee 10 minutes
Crowdsourcing Energy Data for Participatory Renewable Energy Planning and Modelling Presentation

Lunch Break

13:45–15:30 – 10 and 15 minutes slots (Chair: Takeshi Shirabe, KTH)

Spatio-Temporal Data Processing and Analysis

Jian Yang and Liqiu Meng 15 minutes
Feature Selection in Conditional Random Fields for Map Matching of GPS Trajectory Presentation

Andreas Hackeloeer, Klaas Klasing, Jukka M. Krisp and Liqiu Meng 15 minutes
Road Network Conflation: An Iterative Hierar-chical Approach Presentation

André Dittrich, Daniela Richter and Christian Lucas 15 minutes
Analysing the Usage of Spatial Prepositions in Short Messages Presentation

Farid Karimipour, Ali Javidaneh and Andrew Frank 10 minutes
Towards Machine-based Matching of Addresses Expressed in Natural Languages Presentation

Stefan Van der Spek, Nico Van de Weghe, Edward Verbree, Wilko Quak, Tijs Neutens and Mathias Versichele10 minutes
Validating GPS Tracking Data with BT Scanning Registrations Presentation

Margus Tiru, Rein Ahas and Janika Raun10 minutes
Eurostat Feasibility Study: The Use of Mobile Positioning Data for Tourism Statistics Presentation

Thomas Liebig 10 minutes
Privacy Preserving Aggregation of Distributed Mobility Data Streams Presentation

Rein Ahas, Janika Raun and Anniki Puura 10 minutes
Spatial Mobility, Social Networks and Exposure to Risk Presentation

Milos Vojinovic, Zeljko Cvijetinovic, Dragan Mihajlovic and Momir Mitrovic 10 minutes
Data Models for Moving Objects in Road Networks - Implementation and Experiences Presentation

Coffee Break

16:00–17:25 – 10 and 15 minutes slots (Chair: Rein Ahas, University of Tartu)

Usability, Privacy, Social Aspects and LBS Development

Ioannis Delikostidis, Holger Fritze, Thore Fechner and Christian Kray 15 minutes
Bridging the Gap between Field- and Lab-based User Studies for Location-Based Services Presentation

Anahid Basiri, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, Paul Bhatia 10 minutes
Challenges of Location Based Services Market Analysis: Current Market Description Presentation

Marlena Jankowska 10 minutes
GIS Liability Issues - by Example of US and Polish State of Play Presentation, CFP on AI: Philosophy, Geoinformatics & Law, CFP on Smart City (contact marlena.jankowska{@} for details)

Jakub Jaňura and Jana Stehlikova 10 minutes
Providing Emancipation through Maps Presentation

Franz Obex and Guenther Retscher 10 minutes
Ethical and Political Responsibility in Location Based Services - The Need of Implementing Ethical Thinking in Our Research Field

Hélène Draux, Søren Præstholm, Anton Stahl Olafsson, Niels Ejbye-Ernst, Lasse Møller-Jensen, Thomas Theis Nielsen, Carsten Nielsen 10 minutes
Outdoor LBS – Relationship between Users, Providers, and Place Presentation

Soo-Jin Lee and Yang-Won Lee 10 minutes
Development of Location API for Tracking Continuous Non-Response Calls Presentation

Martin Krammer, Thomas Bernoulli and Ulrich Walder 10 minutes
All You Need Is Content — Create Sophisticated Mobile Location-Based Service Applications Without Programming Presentation

18:30 Dinner (Esterhazykeller, Haarhof 1, 1010 Vienna)

Friday, November 28, 2014


Keynote by Prof. Jürgen Döllner (University of Potsdam): Abstraction as Key Element of Map Application and Services

09:30–10:30 – 10 minutes slots (Chair: Markus Jobst, Austrian BEV)

Visualization and Navigation

Andreas Gollenstede and Manfred Weisensee
Animated Cartographic Visualisation of Networks on Mobile Devices Presentation

Lukas Herman, Jan Russnak, Zdenek Stachon and David Mikstein
Cartographic Symbols for 3D Visualization in Facility Management Domain Presentation

Karel Jedlicka and Otakar Cerba
Too Simple Maps Presentation

Fenli Jia, Guangxia Wang, Jiangpeng Tian and Guomin Song
Research on Holographic Location Map Cartographic Model

Ana Paula Marques Ramos, Edmur Azevedo Pugliesi, Mônica Modesta Santos Decanini and Vilma Mayumi Tachibana
Visual Demand for Maps at Different Scales of In-Route Guidance and Navigation System Presentation

Ruochen Si, Masatoshi Arikawa and Min Lu
A Framework for Navigating with Map Signboards on Smartphones Using Basic and Advanced Image Geocoding Methods Presentation

Coffee Break

11:00–12:15 – 15 minutes slots (Chair: Manfred Weisensee, Jade University of Applied Sciences)

Service-Oriented Mapping

Markus Jobst
Depending on the Others: Producing and Using Geospatial Information in Service-Oriented Architectures Presentation

Paul Hardy, David Watkins, Gerhard Trichtl
A Web, Mobile, 3D GIS as a Platform for Service Oriented Mapping

Alberto Debiasi
Depiction of Multivariate Data Through Flow Maps Presentation

Anita Locher
Characterizing Potential User Groups for Versioned Geodata Presentation

Lauren Hankel, Graeme McFerren, Serena Coetzee
Distributed Geo-processing of Streaming Data for a 3D Context Aware Visualisation Solution of a Wildfire Scenario Presentation

Lunch Break

13:30–14:55 – 10 and 15 minutes slots (Chair: Günther Retscher, Vienna University of Technology)

Positioning II

Seong Yun Cho 15 minutes
Range Domain IMM Filtering with Additional Signal Attenuation Error Mitigation of Individual Channels for WLAN RSSI-based Position-Tracking Presentation

Manuel A. Ureña-Camara, Francisco Javier Ariza-López and Antonio Tomás Mozas-Calvache 10 minutes
A Proposal for Obtaining 3D Tracks based on Multiple Non-Geodesic GNSS Presentation

Chris Rizos, Allison Kealy, Suelynn Choy, Yanming Feng, Nunzio Gambale and Dave Small 10 minutes
High Accuracy Indoor Positioning: Multipath Mitigation Via Locata’s Beam-Forming Antenna Technology Presentation

Ferenc Brachmann, Ildiko Jenak, Zoltan Horvath, Tianhang Wu, Cui Xuan, Andrea Baranyi and Sandor Jenei 10 minutes
The Effects of Hardware and Software-based Signal Distortion in Multi-platform Indoor Positioning Systems

Yasin Ortakci, Emrullah Demiral and Ismail Rakip Karas 10 minutes
RFID Based 3D Indoor Navigation System Integrated With Smart Phones

Stijn Wielandt, Jean-Pierre Goemaere, Bart Nauwelaers and Lieven De Strycker 10 minutes
Study and Simulations of an Angle of Arrival Localization System for Indoor Multipath Environments Presentation

Hyungwoo Kim and Yang-Won Lee 10 minutes
Application Method for Streetview Database as Auxiliary Data to Estimate Mobile Device User’s Location Presentation

Hosik Cho, Jeongjin Song, Hyuncheol Park and Cheolju Hwang 10 minutes
Deterministic Indoor Detection from Dispersions of GPS Satellites on the Celestial Sphere Presentation


Closing and farewell drinks